Here you will find a small collection of the cookware available to compliment your Aga.

Whether it’s a cosy meal for two or a get-together with friends or family, Aga Cookware helps make any occasion.

Aga Kettles

Aga Kettles are designed for maximum performance with a thick solid base which ensures a quick boiling time.


Aga Roasting Tins & Trivets

Aga Roasting Tins come in Stainless Steel or Enamelled.  They are designed to fit directly onto the Aga oven runners.  Available in full or half sizes.  The Trivet come in half or full size and fits directly into the Aga roasting tins.  They can be purchased individually or as a set of enamelled or stainless steel.


Aga Cast Iron Cookware

Homemade in Shropshire Aga’s unique range of cast Iron Cookware is designed and manufactured to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Aga Cast Iron Cookware retains heat which radiates and distributes heat perfectly and is great for oven to table serving and also is dishwasher proof.  Available in Claret, Black, Vanilla and White.

Aga’s range of Cast Iron Chef’s Dishes and Baking Dishes are perfect for Pasta’s, Pies and deserts. The Chef’s dish measures 24 x 24 x 5cm.  The Baking Dishes come in three sizes 25 x 16cm, 35 x 23cm & 37 x 27cm.

Aga’s Cast Iron Round Casserole Dishes are ideal for roasting, slow cooking or making rice dishes. There are four sizes 1.3L – Ø 16cm (H- 11cm), 2.3L – Ø 21cm (H- 11.5cm), 4.2L – Ø 25cm (H- 13cm) & 6.4L – Ø 29cm (H- 15cm).  Also available in Matt Black.

Aga’s Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dishes are ideal for caseroles, stews, pot roasting, slow cooking. There are two sizes 2.5L – 28 x 19 x 10.5cm & 4.5L – 34 x 22 x 13cm. Also available in Matt Black.

The Aga Cast Iron Coalbrookdale Pot is excellent for making soups and slow casseroles.  Available in one size 2.5L

The Aga Cast Iron Round Grill Pan, Omelette Pan and Frying Pan are suitable for hotplate, hob and oven cooking.  Also available in Matt Black.


Aga Stainless Steel

Swiss made Aga Stainless Steel has been designed to retain its stylish appearance for years to come.  Every pan is engineered with a heavy thermal base for maximum efficiency.  The unique lid design allows for easy stacking in both cupboard and oven.


Aga Electrical

Aga electrical appliances combine great performance and stunning looks and are available in two colours Black and Aga Cream.  They have been developed in conjunction with Kenwood.  All have die-cast metal bodies, durable motors and superb sense of style.



– 500 Watt Motor – Full Aluminium Metal Construction – Polished 4.6 Litre Bowl Capacity – Planetary Mixing Action – Safety Interlocking Head – Includes k-beater, whisk and dough hook bowl tools – Plastic Splashguard



– 700 Watt Motor – Full Aluminium Metal Construction – Extra Long Metal Shaft – Includes, Blender, Whisk, Milk Frother and 1 Litre Mini Food Processor



– 800 Watt Motor – Full Aluminium Metal Construction – Pre-programmed electric functions plus pulse for making soups, drinks, dips and ice crushing – 1.6 Litre dishwasher safe glass goblet – Easy Clean Design – Full Safety Interlock



– 400 Watt Motor – Die Cast Aluminium Construction – 5 Speeds – Double Whisk and Kneader Attachments – Variable Speed and Pulse Capabilities


Aga Textiles – Cooks Collection

Aga’s accessories come in the Aga classic colours. The Gauntlets and Gloves come with an internal barrier against steam and grease.  Made from 100% Cotton incorporating Cotton Towelling for maximum insulation and pliability.


Traditional Aga Gauntlet

Available in Dark Blue, Green & Black

43cm Length reaches the back of the oven

Impermeable Stream and Grease Barrier


Traditional Double Oven Glove

93 cm Long
Impermeable Stream and Grease Barrier


Chef’s Pad

Ø 36 cm Length
Covers Domes to Retain Heat
Great Pot Stand for surfaces


Pan Handle Cover

Generous 80.5cm width & 85cm Length
Handy Pot Grab


Cook’s Collection Apron

Can be folded to make waist apron
Adjustable neck strap


Aga Essenials

Chrome & Steel Cleaner
Enamel Cleaner
Wire Brush

Your Aga works hard for you and needs a little care too.  Aga’s Chrome & Steel Cleaner and Enamel Cleaner have a unique formula specifically designed to clean your Aga.  The Wire Brush makes brushing out carbonised spills from the ovens quick and easy.
D ring at waist for tea towel


Aga Essentials Toaster

Ø 28.5cm – Handle 15cm long
For use on Boiling Plate
Toast is crisp on outside soft in middle


Meat Forks

Essential for lfting large joints


The Aga Book

Guide to using your Aga Includes many recipes 144 pages

Aga have many more products available – Tea Towels, Mugs, Teapots, Books, Wall Clocks, Beautiful Tablewares and all of your cooking equipment. If you would like a great discounted price on any of these products or can’t see what you want here please call us on 01784 811 030 and we will gladly help to make your kitchen a beautiful place to cook in.

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