Your Questions and Our Answers about Aga Range Cookers

  • +Why purchase a renovated Aga range cooker?
    All cookers sold by John Wray Country Stoves will look as good as new and will also run as efficiently. John Wray Country Stoves will also support your cooker, and if necessary provide you with a maintenance service. The main difference between a new and a renovated cooker is the price! Quality is Never Compromised.

  • +Where should I locate my cooker in the kitchen?
    With the arrival of different flue types we can, dependent on fuel type, generally locate the cooker anywhere in your kitchen. John Wray Country Stoves will ensure that your cooker both conforms to regulatory requirements and the cooker itself works as its optimimum efficiency.

  • +Should I turn my cooker off in the summer?
    This is a personal choice, it can be switched off but is best left on so cooking can continue as normal and where applicable the hot water remains available 24 hours per day.

  • +What should my Aga Range cooker sit on?
    The cooker should sit on a plinth in order that the cooker can be the same height as a standard kitchen unit. John Wray Country Stoves supplies pre-made plinths in black to match the top plate for both 4 and 2 oven models.

  • +Do you have a showroom?
    John Wray Country Stoves has a showroom exhibiting multiple Aga Range Cookers already built up – Come and see us!