Your questions and our answers about Aga Range Cookers

Why purchase a renovated Aga range cooker? 
All cookers sold by John Wray Country Stoves will look as good as new and will also run as efficiently. John Wray Country Stoves will also support your cooker, and if necessary provide you with a maintenance service. The main difference between a new and a renovated cooker is the price! Quality is Never Compromised.

Can a Aga range cooker heat the domestic hot water? 
Yes, it can heat the domestic hot water if a boiler within the cooker is installed and connected to the water supply

What colour Aga range cooker can I have in my kitchen? 
John Wray Country Stoves can supply you with any colour you choose, even custom colours can be arranged.

Where should I locate my cooker in the kitchen? 
With the arrival of different flue types we can, dependent on fuel type, generally locate the cooker anywhere in your kitchen. John Wray Country Stoves will ensure that your cooker both conforms to regulatory requirements and the cooker itself works as its optimimum efficiency.

What fuel type does the Aga range cooker run on?
John Wray Country Stoves can supply Oil, Gas (Natural Gas and LPG), Solid Fuel and Electric.

Should I turn my cooker off in the summer?
This is a personal choice, it can be switched off but is best left on so cooking can continue as normal and where applicable the hot water remains available 24 hours per day.

What should my Aga Range cooker sit on?
The cooker should sit on a plinth in order that the cooker can be the same height as a standard kitchen unit. John Wray Country Stoves supplies pre-made plinths in black to match the top plate for both 4 and 2 oven models.

Does John Wray Country Stoves fit the cookers?
John Wray Country Stove’s can both fit and maintain all cookers we supply.

What period of notice should I give JWCS prior to the cooker being fitted?
Normally John Wray Country Stoves will require a period of between 6 and 8 weeks from ordering to final installation of your cooker. Although in certain circumstances this time-frame can be reduced.

Will you part exchange my old cooker?
John Wray Country Stoves does have a part exchange service for your old Aga range cooker and will pay top prices.

Can you improve the look of my old cooker?
John Wray Country Stoves offers a comprehensive renovation service for your cooker.

Do you deliver across the U.K.?
John Wray Country Stoves delivers free of charge across the U.K.

Do you have a showroom?
John Wray Country Stoves has a showroom exhibiting multiple Aga Range Cookers already built up – Come and see us!

How long has JWCS been in business?
John Wray Country Stoves has been running for over 20 years. QUALITY, EXPERIENCE AND SERVICE.

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