Aga Electric Conversion

John Wray Country Stoves can convert your old fuel thirsty Aga with the Electrickit Aga Electric Conversion.

By introducing your iconic range to the 21st century with the ELECTRICKIT Electric Aga conversion we are able to:

  1. Reduce running costs by up to 80%
  2. Enable it to be fume free
  3. Make it flexible to operate
  4. Give it easy to use controls
  5. Reduce requirement for servicing
  6. Have no flue requirements
  7. Control comfort levels – warm in winter / cool in summer
  8. Reduce ”heat up” and improve ”recovery” times

How it works

“…if you want, you can run your Electrickit Aga range cooker just like a standard Aga BUT you have so much more flexibility available to you now…”

Cooking on it…

1. Independent cooking:

The hobs work independently of each other as does the top oven.

They can all be independently heat controlled meaning you can be frying on one hob, simmering on the other while roasting in the oven or just have on whatever you need when you want it.

“…so in summer you don’t need to suffer oppressive heat from the ovens if all you want is to use the hob…”

2. Improved Heat up times

Heat up times are vastly improved –

  • Frying on either hob takes 10 minutes from a cold hob
  • Baking at 200 deg c takes the top oven 1 hour 35 minutes from cold to be ready “
  • … cooking is so much easier as you have more precision with temperatures…”

    How it works Cont'd

    3. Control Panel

    No longer do you need the mercury readout – you control each hob and the top oven from simple and easy to operate controls behind the bottom left hand door (2 door aga)

    The hobs have several settings ranging from simmering to boiling temperatures.

    “…you can select a specific temperature in your top oven insuring baking etc is so much more accurate…”

    Electric Aga Conversion

    Electric Aga Conversion

    4. Timing your oven to come on

    You can chose to operate the oven by timer, again to suit yourself, by switching the oven on 1 hour 35 min’s before you need to e.g.

    1. Getting up to a warm kitchen
    2. Cooking the family meal in the evening
    3. Cooking your porridge overnight to be ready for when you get up
    4. Money saving

    As you are only switching on and using energy to cook when you need it you are not paying unnecessarily for the oven to be hot when you are asleep, at work etc

    Detailed Engineering Information

    1. General

    …so how does it work…

    …by converting the heat source to electric we are now able to apply the energy where it is needed and do away with the large cast mass of the combustion chamber and flue ways.

    One element powers the ovens (2 door) and the hobs are independently controlled by their own thermostats and separate elements. By removing a large part of this unwanted mass of cast we have radically improved the heat up times i.e. oven from cold takes 1hour 35 min’s to reach 200 deg c. The hobs are now totally independent of the ovens and the reduced mass means you can be frying within 10 minutes from switching either hob on to suit.

    The oven temperature is now able to be controlled by a system used on commercial ovens and kilns which is much more robust. You are now able to cook with pinpoint temperature control and as a result with much improved efficiency.

    The temperature you set for the top oven is the temperature you get within a few degrees. This is a big improvement on the old operating system where differences have been recorded of up to 20% of the set temperature due to the slow recovery times of the conduction method and the drag / tolerance of the thermostat.

    The LED readout shows the temperature of the top oven and the mercury is no longer needed for temperature monitoring.

    For 4 oven range cookers an extra element with its own control is added.

    2. Electricity Supply

    2 x 13 amp Sockets are required with an independent supply from the fuse box.


    You can chose to use 1 or 2 timers, one for the ovens and a second for the hobs if required. These are available on the open market from a large selection to suit your preferences.


    Running Costs

    Each household will use their Aga Electric conversion differently so it is hard to estimate costs of usage.

    However, based on 2 working adults using a converted 2 oven aga over 12 months, using it efficiently (i.e. only running the aga when required) the average daily running cost was found to be less than a £1 per day. The electric unit cost of 15p including vat was used in this calculation.*

    The converted aga was used as follows:


    AUTUMN 3 months

    timed operation on times 06:00 – 09:00 / 16.00 – 21.30 – 454Kw used

    WINTER 3 months

    with oven on 24 hours a day – 708Kw used

    SPRING 3 months

    timed operation on times 06.00 – 09.00 / 16:00 – 21.30 – 615Kw used

    SUMMER 2012 3 months

    switched on when needed for cooking – 287Kw used

    The hobs were used only when required, this gave a total annual usage of 2064KW used.

    At a rate of 16p* per KW this equated to £330.


    From cold to 365 deg c, 30 minutes, 7KW usage


    From cold to 200 deg c, 1 Hr 35 minutes, 2.7KW usage

    From cold to 235 deg c, 2 Hr 2 minutes, 3.6 KW usage

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