Why buy a Reconditioned AGA?

Quite simply Aga Cookers are built to last and are often passed down a generation

After years of use they will often become very scruffy looking and will also need the working parts replacing. That is where we come in! Here at JWCS we pride ourselves on the ability to make any Aga work and look as good as new.

We will do whatever is necessary to make a cooker look brand new, then we will discard the working parts i.e. the burner/element and control and replace it with a brand new up to date model. What you are left with is an Aga that looks and performs as good as a new one but has cost you a lot less money!

Here at JWCS we also take pride in the fact that 90% of a reconditioned Aga is recycled so by purchasing one of our Aga’s you are doing your bit for the environment!