Wood Burning Stoves

We have a number of Wood/Multi Fuel Stoves in stock and on display in our showroom in Catterick Village

We stock a wide range of wood burning stoves from the following brands, please click one to find out more, Dru, Hunter,Esse, Dik Geurts, we can install any of the stoves that we supply whether you have a chimney or need a ridged chimney system building. Take a look at our news page to have a look at some of our recent work or alternatively click on to our Facebook Page.

Wood burning or multi-fuel stoves can make an attractive living room focal point, as well as potentially providing a cleaner, greener source of heat for your home.

Wood burning stoves are only suitable for burning wood, whereas multi-fuel stoves can also burn coal. They are fitted with a grate to collect the extra ash generated when burning coal.

Esse Ironheart wood burning stove

Esse Ironheart

DRU64CB Wood Burning Stove

Dru 64CB

DRU multi-fuel and wood burning stoves can burn wooden logs, coal, coke, brown coal or anthracite. They are built using the strongest, Norwegian cast-iron and are designed to withstand Scandinavian -style winters, when the stoves burn all the day, every day.  DRU multi-fuel and wood burning stoves meet the most stringent European quality and safety standards.

They also have an efficiency rating of over 75%, with most fumes being burnt thanks to the stoves’ unique airflow system. DRU stoves are made in the traditional style, with a large glass window that gives excellent views of the fire. This is enhanced by an ‘air curtain’ that helps to keep the glass clean.

The chimney can be connected to the top or back of the stove, whilst a heat shield at the rear protects the wall from discolouration.  They have a convenient side loading door for the fuel. The ash pan is easily removed through its own door. A ‘cold-grip’ handle is provided to open all of the doors, and is kept in a cool place under the stove.



Dik Geurts Babe Wood Burning Stove

Dik Geurts Babe

Dik Geurts Instyle Tunnel Wood Burning Stove

Dik Geurts Instyle Tunnel

How green is a wood burning stove?

Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel because the carbon released as it burns has already effectively been offset by the carbon absorbed during the lifespan of the tree – leading to a net zero carbon footprint.

This makes using a wood burning stove to heat a room more eco-friendly than burning a non-renewable fossil fuel, such as coal or gas. An even greener approach would be replacing the wood you’ll be taking out of the ecosystem by planting trees or buying fuel from a sustainable source. And if you live in a rural area, you might be able to salvage fallen wood yourself.




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